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2 Hour Fire Safes


  • Larger in size
  • Models 670 and larger supplied with key changeable combination locks
  • LaGard Basic Digital Keypad available for optional installation in lieu of dial / sizes 670 and up
  • Secondary Key Lock for dual or day use
  • KS (South Korea Industrial Standard)
  • 2 hour fire rating for paper document protection

Product specs may vary slightly from the description due to ongoing production changes.

BS-D610 / BST-610
(dial) / (digital)

Outside: H24", W17.7", D18.1" Inside: H16.6", W12.7", D12.2"
Weight: 176 lbs.
Tray: 1
Shelf: 1


Outside: H26.4", W19.7", D18.5"
Inside: H18.5", W14.2", D12.2"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Drawer: 1
Shelf: 1


Outside: H29.5", W20.9", D20"
Inside: H21.3", W15.3, D13.6"
Weight: 197 lbs.
Drawer: 1
Shelf: 1


Outside: H34.6", W23.2", D20"
Inside: H26.2", W17.5", D13.6"
Weight: 374 lbs.
Drawer: 1
Shelf: 1


Outside: H39.4", W23.6", D21"
Inside: H30.5", W17.6", D14.2"
Weight: 440 lbs.
Drawer: 1
Shelf: 2


Outside: H47.2", W27.6", D25"
Inside: H37.2", W20.9", D18"
Weight: 572 lbs.
Drawer: 1
Shelf: 2


Outside: H55", W27.6", D25"
Inside: H45", W20.9", D18"
Weight: 704 lbs.
Drawer: 1
Shelf: 3


Outside: H63", W31.5", D25"
Inside: H53", W24.8", D18"
Weight: 902 lbs.
Drawer: 1
Shelf: 3


Outside: H67", W31.5", D25"
Inside: H56.9", W24.8", D18.1"
Weight: 1034 lbs.
Drawer: 1
Shelf: 3


Outside: H67.5", W45.3", D25"
Inside: H56.9", W38.6", D18"
Weight: 1650 lbs.
Drawer: 2
Shelf: 3

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