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IJS Acme Safe Ltd - Locksmiths

Acme Safe - Victoria's Locksmith since 1968

Residential Locks

     Acme Safe provides both in shop and on the road residential locksmith services, from rekeying locks to fresh installations. We supply and install a wide variety of products ranging from deadbolts to door viewers, and including keyless entry systems. There are many additional security products for our customers to choose from which can enhance the security of their home.

     Also available are high security deadbolts which offer commercial-grade strength and protection as well as key control allowing the customer to limit who can make copies of their controlled keying system. We also provide 24 hour emergency service for such situations as break and entry repair and open-ups. Feel free to call our Fort St. location to inquire about all the products available.

Commercial Services

     We’ve been looking after our commercial accounts with due diligence for half a century. Common services utilized by these customers range from master keying to general lock and door maintenance; including the repair and replacement of door hardware such as door closers, panic hardware, and high security / key control locking systems.

     It’s worth mentioning that our commercial accounts are our highest priority and we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are a realtor, property management company, federal or provincial government, or municipality, we are here to provide immediate service to accommodate not only your needs, but your scheduling.

Safes & Safe Services

     Safes are not just for the rich and famous. For our residential customers, we have fire safes available to protect all your documentation. If you are a fire arms enthusiast we have a wide variety of choices in our lineup of gun safes.

     Are you concerned about your cash, jewelry, or coin collections? We have burglary safes ranging from residential all the way to TL-30’s. The first step is get the facts; feel free to call or visit our showroom for one of our information sessions. Our staff does not work on commission, and we aim only to educate so our customer have a clear understanding of what type of container is appropriate to meet their needs.

     If you already own a safe, but have lost the combination or suddenly it doesn’t seem to be working properly, feel free to call us for an estimate. We have flat rate charges for services such as combination changes or to convert dial safes to electronic. If you have any questions about your safe, and you’d like to have someone assess it or if you’d just like to discuss any concerns with our vault and safe technicians, give us a call.

     Whether it's sales, service, transportation, or installation, we do it all!

Automotive Keys

    At Acme, we have full service, all-encompassing automotive technicians. For our classic car enthusiasts, we have a full selection of replacement automotive locks. For the average driver, we can fix everything from broken keys to theft repair. Yes, we do chip keys!

     With the rise of auto theft over the years, manufacturers are combating this by using high security key and ignition systems. For those of you who have already looked into getting duplicates keys made, you have probably already found that the dealer cost is quite high. Call us first for all your high security automotive needs, and you’ll find our prices to be substantially less, as well as far more convenient. We can provide same day service and have you on your way on average within 30 minutes.